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Eltek Launches High-Efficiency Flatpack2 48 Volt / 3000 Watt Rectifier for Data Center Applications

New Rectifier Sets the Standard for Data Centers with Industry-Leading Peak Efficiency Levels of 97.2 Percent
DRAMMEN, NORWAY - June 25, 2015 - Eltek today announced availability of the Flatpack2 48/3000 HE DC1, a new high-efficiency (HE) rectifier that provides reliable power for data center applications requiring front-end server power with or without battery back up.

DC power is just emerging as a lower-cost, higher efficiency solution for data centers, supplementing or fully replacing the use of AC power. DC power benefits data center operations by providing high-efficiency power conversion and reduced losses in energy transmission.

This higher-efficiency means power systems can be more compact with very high power density and can significantly reduce capex and total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Flatpack2 48/3000 DC1 rectifier delivers on this promise with patented, high-efficiency technology that enables up to 97.2 percent peak efficiency levels. The rectifier provides uninterrupted 48V, either in combination with a battery on the output or in a battery-less application with redundant mains feeds. It also features ORing FET protection on output, ideal for battery-less applications.

Each Flatpack2 48/3000 HE DC1 unit measures 4.25" W x 1.61" H x 13" D and weighs only four pounds. The rectifier is compatible with all Flatpack2 modular power shelves, providing 12kW per 1U height in a 19" wide rack. This allows full flexibility to match current and future business demands, and enables data center applications to be scaled from a minimum of 3kW to a maximum of 3MW. The system also provides N+1 redundancy, at a minimum cost, for resilience and reliability, and a low mean time to repair.

"The journey toward a DC-powered data center has started, and the Flatpack2 48/3000 DC1 from Eltek will help lead the way," said Eltek Global Product Manager Mat Heneghan. "The unprecedented 97.2 percent efficiency of these rectifiers enables data centers to reduce electricity usage, maximize power in a minimum of space, and provide the highest reliability available for longer service life."

To date, more than 30,000 Flatpack2 rectifier units have already been supplied to Eltek data center OEM customers.

The Flatpack2 48/3000 HE DC1 rectifiers are available from Eltek's worldwide sales force.
For more information, reach out to your cloest Eltek Office.

The Flatpack2 48/3000 DC1 rectifier
The Flatpack2 48/3000 DC1 rectifier

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