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Eltek Highlights 380V DC Power Solution at Light Reading's Inaugural 2015 Telco Data Center Summit

Eltek Global Director to Speak in Panel on Power Architecture Trends
PLANO, TEXAS - September 15, 2015 - Eltek, a global technology leader in high efficiency power systems for telecommunications and industrial applications, will be highlighting its latest 380V DC power solutions at tomorrow's inaugural 2015 Telco Data Center Summit, presented by Light Reading.

The summit, taking place tomorrow in Dallas, was created to bring a new educational technology forum to the telecom/broadband industry, targeting the building, expansion and engineering of next generation data centers.

Throughout the one-day event, Eltek will be discussing its 380V DC Flatpack2 solution that can be used to build a DC power system to support the increased power density of data center servers and other equipment. The increasing power demands of information and communications technology (ICT) are creating issues that impact how to efficiently generate and distribute large amounts of power.

Moving from traditional 48V to 380V DC solutions reduces costs, requires less copper cabling, utilizes less space and simplifies the deployment of microgrids as a means of increasing reliability and reducing dependency on the electric grid. Eltek provides a complete, end-to-end 380V solution that has achieved Energy Star® certification for its high power conversion efficiency.

Geraint Davies, Eltek's Global Director of Data Center Business will join the 3:25 pm panel discussion focused on trends in telecom power, entitled "Understanding Trends in Telecom Power - Changes & Types of Power Architecture for Tomorrow."

Members of that panel will review advancements in battery chemistries, power system efficiencies and software controls, all of which are affecting power system demands and enabling technology developments that are increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness. Participants will also examine current trends in power architectures and implementation.

"This summit is unique in that it is focused on best practices for delivery of advanced hardware technology and business services to telecommunication data centers," said Davies. "Eltek power systems are designed to ensure that telecommunication data center customers achieve their strategic goals of enabling capacity growth, reducing expenses and optimizing efficiencies."

The Flatpack2 380V system is available from Eltek's worldwide sales force.

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