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Eltek is a global power specialist that delivers critical, cutting-edge power solutions and services.
Eltek was established in Norway in 1971 as a specialist telecom power systems supplier. Since then, the company has grown organically and through mergers and acquisitions to become a leading international supplier of power solutions within several industry sectors, including telecom, rail and infrastructure, power generation and distribution, solar energy and electric vehicles. Eltek holds strong market positions in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

As Eltek joins the big family of Delta Group, a leading power and thermal management provider, as a fully-owned subsidiary of Delta Electronics Netherlands BV in 2015, we continue to develop and market power systems, based on our industry leading power conversion technology and products. A strong range of highly efficient, flexible and cost-effective rectifiers/converters form the core of our offering. We also design, build and furnish complex turn-key power solutions, as well as develop embedded system solutions for original equipment manufacturers. Eltek's legal headquarters is located in Drammen, Norway and the company has approximately 2,500 employees, offices in 40 countries and business activities in more than 100 countries.

The Role of the Power System

The primary role of the power system is to supply electronic equipment with power support with very specific characteristics. In addition, it provides critical backup power.


Most electronic equipment cannot operate on the current coming out of the mains. All such equipment consequently depends on power supplies that can convert the high-voltage, alternate mains current (AC) into a lower-voltage, direct current (DC). This is the main function of the rectifier, which is a key component in a DC power system. For example, in the case of a telecom system, a rectifier will typically convert the mains 110/220/240/480 Volts AC to 48V or 24V DC, before it is fed into the telecom equipment. A telecom power system may consist of a number of rectifiers, depending on the size and requirements of the application.


Batteries provide DC power of the appropriate voltage in case of mains power failure. The batteries make up the bulkiest part of the system and also the most vulnerable. Consequently, efficient battery monitoring and controlled charging is key to stable operation.

Monitoring system

This is the “brain” of the power system, which monitors performance and allows an operator to control the system either direct through displays, keypads and controls or on a computer connected physically to the network or remotely, e.g. via the Internet.

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Modular Marine UPS - An Eltek White paper

Modular Marine UPS - An Eltek White paper

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