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Group Strategy

Eltek is the global leader in power conversion technology and continues to expand its strength and capabilities in key business segments to bring maximum value and quality service to its customers. The continuous improvement and growth plan of Eltek is driven by six overriding strategies.

Eltek's Development is Governed by
Six Overriding Strategies:

Research and Development

A dedicated focus on R&D enables Eltek to stand out as the technology leader offering power solutions on the leading edge..


Eltek constantly looks for new ways to increase efficiency and minimize costs. This applies to products as well as all business processes.

Aggressive Sales and Marketing

Eltek is a customer-driven, sales-oriented company. Based on a close dialogue with customers and a thorough understanding of their needs, the aim is to offer attractive and competitive solutions.

Strategic Partnerships

Eltek aims to strengthen its role as a strategic partner and supplier of embedded solutions and turnkey solutions to OEMs and operators.

Global Expansion

Eltek is determined to continue expanding its role in the global marketplace. This means a strong focus on growth, both organically or through mergers and acquisitions.


Eltek realizes the importance of quality for customer satisfaction, and focuses on constantly developing its systems to improve, control and document quality in its products and all business processes..

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Modular Marine UPS - An Eltek White paper

Modular Marine UPS - An Eltek White paper

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