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Vision and Core Values

Eltek’s vision is to become the greatest power in the industry.
Our aim is to lead the way in power technology and be a driving force in the industry. In support of these ambitions, we are fostering a unified Eltek culture where the attitudes, behaviour and performance of all Eltek employees are guided by four core values – shared across all companies in the Group:

Technologically Ambitious

Our technological ambitions are a main motivator and a source of pride and self-confidence.

Proactively Customer Centric

We are driven by a strong ambition to deliver products and services that contribute profoundly to our customers’ own businesses

Aggressively Competitive

We have the culture of a challenger, always eager to outperform competitors.

Culturally Sensitive

We do not underestimate the cultural challenges of operating globally. We always act with respect for local traditions, and cooperate closely across company, cultural and geographic borders to make this happen.

Always On

Our company slogan reflects an organization that is passionate about leading the way in the industry and about delivering premium value to customers. It also reflects the essence of our offering; the power that ensures our customers’ businesses keep on running and running.

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Modular Marine UPS - An Eltek White paper

Modular Marine UPS - An Eltek White paper

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