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Indoor IFC Cabinet


The Integrated Frame Cabinet (IFC) family is developed for indoor applications, with focus on streamlined assembly, multi-functional use and optionally flatpacked transportation.
Indoor IFC Cabinet

Flexible Solution

There are several sizes of IFC cabinets available (HxWxD):
  • 2000x600x600mm (79x24x24”)
  • 2000x600x400mm (79x24x16”)
  • 1800x600x600mm (71x24x24”)
  • 1800x600x400mm (71x24x16”)
  • 1500x600x600mm (59x24x24”)
  • 700x600x400mm (28x24x16”)

Key Features

  • Light weight (<50 kg)
  • Very flexible
  • Few basic elements:
    - side wall (identical left and right)
    - top cover
    - rear wall,
    - bottom(including “toolbox”)
    - battery shelves
    - adjustable legs
  • Steel finish
  • Shipment bulk parts to system assembly or Optionally flatpacked
  • shipment to site, with assembly time of less than 20 minutes

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