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FP2 DCDC 380/48 SHE


FP2 DCDC 380/48 SHE

The Flatpack2 DCDC 380/48 3000 SHE Converter enables a high efficiency end to end DC power solution for data centers. It converts the 380VDC bus voltage down to 48VDC with an efficiency of 98.2%.
With the Flatpack2 DCDC 380/48 3000 SHE converter, central 380VDC-UPS becomes a competitive alternative for a wider range of data centers. 
The advantages of DC power systems as reliability, modularity, redundancy and high end to end efficiency, can be fully utilized to ensure optimal power availability.

Key Features

  • High Power Density - 33 W/Inch3
  • Super Efficiency Up To 98.2%
  • Modular - Build As Your Load Grows
  • Wide Input Range
  • Patented He Technology
  • ORIng Protection On Output

Data center operation is a “no compromise” business. Customers are buying peace-of-mind and a guarantee for continuous and secure operation of their business-critical IT systems. That’s why the power supply solution is a top priority for data center builders and operators.

380VDC Power supply to data center

Industry applications


  • Front End Conversion From HVDC (260-400VDC) To 48VDC


Used in industries


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