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Rectiverter Power Core 18kVA 3ph MB


Rectiverter Power Core 18kVA 3ph MB

Up to 18 kVA AC & up to 14,4 kW 48 VDC output
The Rectiverter power core combines booth AC and DC feed into one common unit. Simultaneously it provides AC backup power for 3-phase or single phase AC loads,        and 48 VDC power for DC loads and battery charging.

The total output power for booth AC and DC output is limited to max 24 kW. AC and DC output limits can be set according to the attached load, where the limitation for AC load is set to max 18 kVA and for DC load to max 14,4 kW

Key Features

  • 230/400 VAC Input/Output
  • Three Phase (Y) Input/Output
  • 48 VDC Input/Output
  • 24 Kw Total AC + DC Output
  • Max 18 kVA Ac Output
  • Max 14,4 kW Dc Output
  • 1Phase AC Distribution Option
  • 3Phase AC Distribution Option
  • Built In Manual Bypass Switch
  • Built In Transfer Technology
  • 150% Overload Capability, 15s
  • 600% Quick Trip Current, 20Ms
  • Hot Pluggable
  • Smartpack 2 Controller
  • Can Operate In Parallel With Flatpack2 Rectifiers
  • Global Compliance
  • Patented He Technology

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Industry Applications

Power Utilities

  • Low & High voltage switchgear
  • Transformer & SUB stations
  • Power Generation & Distribution
  • Control & protection
  • SCADA system

Offshore And Process Industry

  • Safety and Automation Systems (SAS)


  • Communication onboard ships
  • Railway & Metro Infrastructure
  • Control & protection
  • Signaling


  • LTE/4G/WiMAX
  • Distributed antenna system
  • Broadband


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