Gunnar Hedstrøm is one of Eltek's Product Managers and is our leading expert in bidirectional power topology

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A new category of power modules - learn from the expert

Product Manager and Rectiverter expert Gunnar Hedlund comments on the implications of the Rectiverter on power system topology and usage.

There used to be two worlds, AC and DC; there used to be one type of converter for DC-based applications, and another for AC applications. Now there's only one. Conversion both ways, AC and DC output from the same module - it is a completely new concept.

Bidirectionality is the enabler

The ability to change the direction of the power flow inside the module and the same power conversion stage, is what sets the Rectiverter apart from any other power module.

This is the technological breakthrough that allows the module to feed AC and DC loads at the same time (with input feed from AC), fully backed up. It also ensures uninterrupted operation in case of a mains failure. In this case, the flow at the DC port is reversed and fed through the built-in inverter to maintain the AC load, and the DC load is taken over by the batteries, in a seamless transition.

This also makes the static transfer switch redundant. The Rectiverter can also be used as a pure inverter feed from DC (without any connection to AC input).

From module to system

The Rectiverter module has the same dimensions and mechanical design as Eltek's other modules, and it is the main building block of modular, hence scalable, systems. The latest version of Eltek's Smartpack controllers include functionality to manage Rectiverter systems. The Smartpack controllers also enable system combinations with other Eltek modules, adding to the tremendous flexibility of Rectiverter systems.

The bidirectional Rectiverter changes our understanding of how power systems work

Gunnar Hedstrøm, Product Manager and Rectiverter expert

A noticeable difference

The benefits and advantages are numerous. First and foremost, a Rectiverter system offers unprecedented flexibility in mixed AC and DC environments. Whatever the need (within our predefined output ranges), a Rectiverter system can be set up with the appropriate mix of AC and DC output, and it can be easily reconfigured to meet new needs.

Another significant advantage is simplicity. Compared with traditional inverter systems, the Rectiverter significantly reduces the amount of equipment and greatly simplifies the architecture and requires less space. In short, it is a new type of power supply that is more versatile and more reliable, without compromising efficiency. The bottom line is reduced total cost of ownership

Endless possibilities

Rectiverter systems are perfect for any application where a mix of AC and DC loads are required, where additional DC capacity is required for fast recharge or where the modularity and serviceability are important - across all industries.

A bidirectional, smarter future

The ability to change the direction of the flow of power is an an important requirement for a sustainable future. The bidirectional power technology points towards a smarter future where energy flow can be optimized, energy stored, and used how and when it is needed. It feels like we are rewriting the power conversion ''text book''.

At Eltek, we see ourselves as a leader in power technology, always pushing the limits of technology further. The Rectiverter is an example of this commitment.

Feb 03, 2016
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