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Take the fast lane to capacity expansion

What do you do when the amount of data you are processing is skyrocketing, and further expansion of server capacity is blocked due to power supply constraints? This is the story of how a service provider in exactly that situation found the key which opened the route to increased capacity.

Opening up the route to expansion

The increasing demand for bandwidth keeps pushing the development of telecom and computer equipment. However, the more advanced equipment – the more power you need to support it.

The advantages of 380Vdc power

The EMerge Alliance paper introducing and demonstrating the advantages of some of the possible DC power architectures for data centers.

Eltek Launches 400Vdc Power Feed Solution

New DC Power Concept Ideal for DSLAMS, Small Cells; Reduces Cost and Complexity of Powering Remote Equipment Cabinets

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From 48V to 380V powering

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