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Corporate Governance

Focusing on good corporate governance is a part of who we are. Put simply, our quest for competitive excellence begins and ends with our commitment to lawful and ethical conduct.

We strive to ensure that all members of our Board and all employees are individuals of the highest personal integrity and impeccable reputation, and that they remain committed to rigorously exercising their oversight responsibilities. At ELTEK, we take very seriously our responsibility to shareholder, our employees, and the community. Toward this end, we communicate openly about our business and business practices, and we remain committed to abiding by the spirit, not just the letter of the law. Some of the steps we have taken to fulfill this commitment include the following:
  • We operate under a Code of Conduct that is accepted in writing by each employee, officer and director
  • We have established an email based conduit available to all employees and third parties to facilitate anonymous reporting of any questionable activities
  • Our Board has the right at any time to retain independent outside financial, legal or other advisors

Performance with integrity is what we're about. We are also committed to diligently manage our affairs consistent with the highest principles of business ethics. This commitment to business integrity will continue to form the foundation upon which our future is built. We'll continue to challenge ourselves in every aspect of what we do to achieve tomorrow's goals.

Modular Marine UPS - An Eltek White paper

Modular Marine UPS - An Eltek White paper

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