Smartpack just got smarter, with new and improved interface andfunctionality!
Improved statistics and full hybrid support -prepared for your next level of control.

Distributed control system

Smartpack2 is built on the proven software platform that is used in Smartpack, making it reliable and robust. Increased program memory and new hardware allows for more features and improved user interface. The new modular distributed control system simplifies connections.

Eltek’s power solutions are based on industry leading building blocks, fully
integrated into coherent, complete and flexible solutions with one single Smartpack controller overlooking all energy sources, flow and storage. The entire installation is easily and efficiently monitored and controlled overa networkby means of advanced, yet user friendly software.

Smartpack2 offers many off-site benefits if it is connected to a network. View the system status, change parameters and receive alarms at a multisite management center. Use features such as battery lifetime estimations, fuel consumption through tank level measurement and generator runtime, to plan for site service. Use the energy logs to document the amount of renewable energy used, and to plan for site upgrades.

Three units are required to build a complete Smartpack2
control system. Smartpack2 Master is the master controller and visible part of the system. Smartpack2 Basic handles housekeeping. IO Monitor Type2 handles external inputs and outputs. The system can be expanded with several Basic, I/O units and other CAN nodes in the Smartpack family, all connected via the CAN bus.

Key features

  • Screen High contrast, high resolution tft color display for easy user-menu navigation.Visual leds for local alarmsmajor, minor, power on.Ethernet Monitoring and control via web browser ethernet port with hp auto mdi/mdi-x for detection and correction for straight-through and crossover cables.SNMP protocol
  • Trap, set and get on ethernet. email of trap alarms.Programmable relay outputs
  • 6 programmable outputs for “traditional” remote monitoring. expandable with I/O monitor can nodes.Programmable multipurpose inputs
  • 6 programmable multipurpose inputs (“digital inputs” or analog signals). Expandable with I/O monitorCAN nodes.Comprehensive logging.Backup of critical control features in basic unit.Automatic battery monitoring and test.Battery lifetime indication.Battery used and remaining capacity (ah or %).User defined alarm grouping(boolean logic for grouped alarms).Uploading and downloading of configuration files with SD card or powersuite(windows™ application).SD card slot for downloading/uploading of logs and setup.Comprehensive generator/hybrid/dc solar system control and monitoring features.
Technical Data
Voltage DC (operating range)
20 - 420 VDC
Power consumption
4.5 W
1300000 h
System connections
1 or 3
1 or 2
(2) midpoint
Ground fault detection
Form-C Dry Contact (NO-C-NC) Max 75V
Configurable inputs
Number of configurable inputs
Digital configurations
#1-6: Open/Closed
Number of analog configurations
Analog configurations
Temperature: NTC probe Analog:+/-0-10V 4-20mA current sensing
Available ports
3,2 "
QVGA 32k color TFT
Operating temperature
-20 - 70 °C
Storing temperature
-40 - 85 °C
Dimensions WxHxD (mm)
156 x 72 x 38 mm
Dimensions WxHxD (inch)
6,4 x 3 x 1,6 "
Design Standards
Ingress Protection (IP)
DNV 2.4 Valid for part no. 242100.500M
Software functionality
Remote Monitoring
DHCP DHCPv6 SNMP v1, v2c and v3 MODBUS TCP/RTU Slave Modem Call-back & SMS Alarm for GSM modems pComm (Windows Config/Monitoring Tool) via Modem & IP IPv4 IPv6 (static-link) IPv6 (stateless autoconfig) IPv6 (statefull autoconfig) - DHCPv6 SNTP - clock syncronizing SMTP/email custom reports as .csv attached SMTP Secure RADIUS (single-sign on) FTP - file transfeer (SW updates, log's download, etc) FTPS - FTP secure UDP pComm for PowerSuite (Windows Config/Monitoring Tool) HTTP (Webpages with all functions/features/monitoring - responsive design for PC screen, tablet screen, smartphone screen) HTTPS (TLS enqrypted web interface)
Rectifier Functions/Monitoring
Efficiency Manager HE Priority Slow/Fast/Li-Ion voltage ramp-up Power Ramp Up Adjustable Current Limit Inventory overview Auto adressing/plug-and play Manuel adesssing override Dynamic output OVS Start-Up delay Rectifier Current Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Rectifier Error Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Rectifier Communication Error Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Rectifier Usage Monitorting (2-level Alarm) Rectifier Usage BT Spec Monitorting (2-level Alarm) Rectifier Current Share Error Monitorting (2-level Alarm) Rectifier Input Air Temperature Highest Monitorting (2-level Alarm) Rectifier Qty with Low Mains Monitorting (2-level Alarm) RectifierGroup Monitoring (A+B Systems) Individual Group Current Share control (A+B Systems) Individual Group Charge Regulation (A+B Systems)
Rectiverter Functions/Monitoring
Adjustable output frequency Adjustable output AC voltage Adjustable frequency hold-in range/hysteresis for inverter mode Adjustable DC Current Limit Inventory overview Auto adressing/plug-and play Manuel adesssing override Dynamic output OVS Rectiverter AC Output Voltage Phase 1, 2 & 3 Monitoring (4-level Alarm) Rectiverter AC Output Frequency Monitoring (4-level Alarm) Rectiverter AC Output Current Phase 1, 2 & 3 Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Rectiverter DC Output Current Total Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Rectiverter Error Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Rectiverter AC Current Share Error Phase1, 2 & 3 Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Rectiverter AC Capacity Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Rectiverter DC Capacity Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Rectiverter Temperature (4-level Alarm) Rectiverter Communication Error Monitoring (2-level Alarm)
Solar Charger Functions/Monitoring
Charger module built in MPPT Voltage Input Value Solar Charger Current Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Solar Charger Error Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Solar Charger Communication Error Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Solar Charger Panel Unbalance Monitorting (2-level Alarm)
Wind Charger Functions/Monitoring
Configurable Power-Voltage Characteristics Curve in charger module Wind Charger Current Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Wind Charger Error Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Wind Charger Communication Error Monitoring (2-level Alarm)
Battery Management/Monitoring
Temperature Compensation Symmetry - Midpoint measurement 12V, 24V, 30V, 36V, 54V, 108, 110V, 168V Symmetry - Double midpoint measurement Symmetry - Block measurement 6V, 12V, 24V Symmetry - Cell measurement 2V, 6V Auto Boost Charge Interval Boost Charge Follow-up Boost Charge Equalize Charge, manual & inerval Temperature Compensation during Boost & Equalize Charge Battery Discharge Health (SoH) testing - normal, based on discharge batt. Spec. Battery Discharge Health (SoH) testing - simple, based on backup time requirement Battery Discharge Health (SoH) testing - manual, interval, or alternate scheme Battery Test logging Battery DoD Cycle logging Battery Cycle counter logging Battery Run time logging Battery LifeTime Prediction based on temp ranges Battery Discontinuance Testing -simple or advanced (based on shunt in each string) Analog Battery Float charge regulation based on input voltage signal Battery Voltage Monitoring (4-level alarm) Battery Current Monitoring (4-level alarm) Highest of multiple battery temperature Monitoring (4-level alarm) Individual Battery Temperatures (4-level alarm) Battery SoC Monitoring (2-level Alarm), % or Ah Accumulated Ah Charged/Discharged Monitoring (2-level alarm) Failed Battery Test Monitoring (1-level alarm) Individual Battery Fuse Monitoring (1-level alarm) Individual Battery String Current Monitoring (2-level alarm) FIAMM SONICK Battery BMS communication SAFT Evolion Battery BMS communication Narada Battery BMS communication Leoch Battery BMS communication Sacred Sun Battery BMS Battery BMS communication Northstar ACE Battery(Gateway) communication Eltek Generic Battery communiction protocol LVBD (voltage, temperature, mains controllable)
Mains/Grid Monitoring
Phase Failure Monitoring (2-level Alarm) Phase Voltage Monitoring (4-level Alarm) Frequency Monitoring (2-level Alarm)* Active/Reactive/Apperent Power Moitoring 3 phases (2-level Alarms)* Power Factor Monitoring 3 phases (2-level Alarm)* Mains Current Monitoring 3 phases (2-level Alarms)* *Require AC Mains Monitor CAN Node
Load Management/Monitoring
LVLD Coldstart LVLD Load Fuse Monitoring (1-level alarm) Load Current Monitoring (2- level alarm) Individual Load Fuse Monitoring (1-level alarm) Individual Load Current Monitoring (2- level alarm) Individual Load Power Monitoring Individual Load Energy logging Individual Load Energy cost logging
Programmable Logic
OR function of multiple alarms/events AND function of multiple alarms/events Inversion of logical signals Task Scheduler (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) of any commands/events Alarm Grouping
Hybrid Functionality/Monitoring
SoC Controlled Gen Set start/stop Voltage Conrolled Gen Set start/stop Daily Schedule Controlled Gen Set start/stop Soruce Limitation for Gen Set Testing Priorty Solar Charger Priority Wind Charger Fuel Tank level Monitoring (2-level Alarm)
Available Logs
Energy Logging (mains, rectifier, rectiverter, grid inverter, solar charger, wind, battery, load) - hourly, dailiy, weekly Data Logging (10 parameters, various trigger intervals and event triggers) BHL/HAA-loggs Account login log Change log Inventory Export
Climate Control & Monitoring
Fan control, linear speed vs. temp / max speed* Fan Speed Deviation Monitoring* Humidity Reduction* Intervall Preasure Test* *Require I/O Montior T3
Various Controllers
Security setup (open/close UDP/TCP ports) User Account Setup Programmable Buzzer Remote Software Upgrade - maincontroller over IP Remote Software Upgrade - CAN Nodes through maincontroler via FTP Controller/Power Module LED Test Programmable LED Panel (16 LED / 4 color + 4 Push Button) Programmable Viritual Inputs XML Configurations - full parameter flexibility XML Configurations - mass distribution, Web GUI Upload, Windows Upload, SD Card/FTP Upload
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