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The Rectiverter

Complete micro grid power solutions

Make the most of the energy from the sun

Eltek's complete, compact and modular micro grid power solutions, featuring the unique Rectiverter, provide reliable supply of AC and DC power in off-grid or poor-grid environments.

Empowering a small African village

Deep in the rain forests of Cameroon, Eltek has delivered and installed power systems in the remote village of Bokosso, making it part of the global community.

Eltek provides solar energy to Zimbabwe

Eltek's green energy helps rurals of Zimbabwe access electrical power to have fully operational hospitals which is vital for providing health service.

Eltek brings solar power to the Arctic

In the land of eternal winter Eltek has turned a telco site hybrid to lower operation cost and ease the impact of a fragile environment.

Eltek's award-winning Rectiverter UPS System

The Hywind Scotland Pilot Park project, will demonstrate advanced technical solutions on multiple floating wind turbines in a park located 25-30 km off the coast of northern Scotland.

How the micro grid power solutions work

Using the groundbreaking Rectiverter technology, one central component can handle the energy flow in all three modes of operations, reducing cost, maintenance and space requirements. 

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Solar powered micro grids can bring electricity to the more than 1 billion people still without access. Our power conversion solutions make micro grids efficient, reliable and scalable.

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