The INV222 includes advanced switching technology with digital control. The utilization of this technology results in a very high power density and low weight. With a state-of-the-art control solution it provides an excellent functionality and several protection features.

Key Features

  • 1/4x19”, 2U
  • Excellent overall efficiency and high regulation speed
  • "Hot-Plug-In" design with backplane connection
  • High power density
  • CAN-BUS interface
  • Ability for parallel operation
  • Temperature-controlled fan cooling (monitored)
  • Redundant synchronization bus
  • Excellent sinusoidal output
  • Input over/under voltage shutdown, overload and short circuitproof

Industry Applications

Power Utilities

  • Control & protection
  • Circuit breaker power
  • Scada
  • Communication

Railway & Metro

  • Control & protection
  • GSM-R - communication
  • Signaling
  • Emergency Lightning
  • Wireless Monitoring Systems

Oil & Gas

  • Production solution for Platform, rig, or FPSO/FSo
  • Fire & Gas detection systems (only 24V)
  • Emergency Shotdown (only 24V)
  • GTL & ING facilities
  • Heli-Deck Lighning

Used in industries


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