Micropack System


The Micropack System is convection cooled, designed for less power hungry applications, but still with system functionality options to match any requirements. Use as stand alone or in a flexible off the shelf configurable system.
Micropack System

The Micropack Power System extends your network one step further. With load ranges typically between 120W and 1000W, and in 12, 24 and 48V options, the system is perfect for a great variety of applications.

Key features

  • Compact and shallow (149 mm deep)
  • Din rail mountable
  • On-site configurable
  • Off the shelf delivery
  • Stand-alone option
  • Accepts DC input (DC/DC converter)
  • 12, 24-30, 48 VDC output versions

Industry Applications


  • LTE/femto cells
  • Small
  • Fixed & mobile broadband
  • FTTx

Power utilities

  • Control & protection
  • Scada
  • Communication

Railway infrastructure

  • Control & protection
  • Signaling

Various other applications in demanding industries like Marine, Oil & Gas, process etc.


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