Wallbox Micropack


Compact design and simple installation and optional internal backup batteries makes it a really "micro" DC backup system.
Wallbox Micropack

Key Features

  • Compact Design
    The small system dimensions are ideal  locations with limited space
  • Bulk-feed or integrated distribution
    The system  can be configured as a bulk DC  output feed, or integrated load and battery  distribution to meet your power solution  requirements.
  • Digital Controllers
    The controller is digitalized, enabling excellent  monitoring and regulation characteristics, included Ethernet for remote monitoring.
  • Heat management
    The box is optimized for Micropack with its natural convection cooling.
  • Unique Install Ability
    Simple removable front cover gives good access for installation and connections.  Combined with true plug -and-play modules, this gives short cost  effective time - to - install.
  • Global Approvals
    Micropack Wallbox is CE marked for worldwide installation.

Industry Applications


  • Wireless
  • Fiber
  • Broadband


  • Power utilities
  • Process industry
  • Marine and offshore

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