Covid-19 and Eltek

As the Coronavirus is spreading across the world and influencing everyone’s normal activities, Eltek’s first priority is to safeguard the health and safety of our customers, employees and communities and contribute vigorously to prevent transmission of the virus

In all countries where we operate, we follow the advices, rules and regulations of relevant authorities.

Eltek is a global company, and our operations are impacted to varying degrees in different countries and regions, from manufacturing through to shipment and deliveries. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this force-majeure situation and sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience.

We assure you that we keep a close eye on the situation on a daily basis, and do what we can to alleviate problems that may occur.

As a Delta Group company, we comply with all measures and procedures enforced by our parent company. Please visit Delta’s website for information.

Information and communication regarding specific orders or other business issues, will be handled through normal, direct channels between the company and its customers. Please contact your dedicated Eltek person if something is unclear.

We share everyone’s hope that this pandemic will be controlled and normal state-of-affairs restored for all of us, as soon as possible.

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