Data Center power tours Europe

The Eltek Modular Data Center, a prefabricated power system, travels the road of Europe this spring.

Prefabricated Modular Data Center; Ready to go - ready to grow

The Demo MDC is developed in collaboration with Delta MCIS and Coromatic and shows a fully functional configuration of a modular data center. Both Eltek’s Mini CPS and Delta’s DPH UPS is showcased as possible power systems – depending on if the customer needs to cater for AC and DC loads (Converged Power Solutions) , or strictly AC (AC UPS).

In the following months the MDC Roadshow will be presented at several exhibitions and events in Europe. In the end of May it will be shipped to Asia and continue the tour there.

Where to find us:

Country City Event start end
Belgium  Antwerp   Customer event 05/04  07/04
 Netherlands  Amsterdam  Delta event  13/04  20/04
 Germany  Frankfurt  Future Thinking  25/04   26/04
 France   Bordeaux   Customer event  02/05  04/05
 Spain  Madrid  Customer event  08/05  12/05
 UK  Hemel Hempstead   Customer event  19/05  26/05

Contact us at to make an appointment for the roadshow events.

Converged Power Solutions - Data center power reinvented

Eltek's Converged Power Solutions cater for all power needs in the data center. It combines the advantages of modern, modular power technology while meeting all AC and DC load requirements.

Mar 23, 2017
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