Watch the video: Flatpack S Wallbox replacement for SMPS 700

Eltek has been a successful solution provider for small-load applications with its SMPS 700 system. The Flatpack S Wallbox is a drop-in replacement for this system allowing customers to get improved manageability and power efficiency in the same form factor with the same installation points and electrical cable locations.

 A high efficient replacement

The Flatpack S Wallbox offers up to 95 percent power conversion efficiency for loads up to 63A and provides a direct replacement for Eltek's popular SMPS 700 system.

The modular system measures only 271 mm wide by 370 mm tall and 193 mm deep.

It can accept one or two Flatpack S rectifier with 230V single phase input between 85 and 300VAC/ DC. 24V modules are available in 500W, 1000W outputs; 48V modules are available in 1000W and 1800W outputs. The system features two pole load and battery distribution (LVBD).

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Apr 12, 2017
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