Full control at your fingertips


Full control at your fingertips

The new Smartpack2 Touch – raw power with a touch of elegance. So powerful and yet so simple to use it becomes an essential part of daily life

Full control at your fingertips

Eltek’s new Smartpack2 Touch controller offers much more than its delicately designed exterior suggests. It will be for power system managers what the smart phone is for people in general: so powerful and yet so simple to use it becomes an essential part of daily life.

But let us start with the basics. The Smartpack2 Touch is a power system controller, a specialized tool for power system management. Its basic function is to record operational data, organize it, and output it in so many useful ways. It allows the manager of a site to optimize its performance. It also has the same form factor as its predecessor and is completely compatible.

Still, it is very different from its predecessors. Not only will it record and analyze more operational data, perform more detailed analyzes, and output the results through more channels, in richer and more useful ways. It also provides the ability to control non-Eltek equipment, connected via numerous digital interfaces, including a dual CAN bus, USB, serial ports and Ethernet connections. It will keep tabs on the entire power site  infrastructure, enabling the operator to monitor and manage equipment like smart batteries, energy meters, and cooling.

Controlling the future

The capacities of the Smartpack2 Touch make it a controller for a connected and smarter world, where big data, smarter grids and infrastructure and Internet-Of-Things will fuel a continuously growing flow of data. – This will continue to put pressure on the ability of the controller to manage larger systems, in a smarter way. The Smartpack2 Touch is prepared for this reality.

It is based on the open source Linux operating system and has a high-capacity processor at its core, in combination with advanced software that is robust and feature-rich. Combined with the ability to handle both existing equipment and new equipment yet to be made, whether it is Eltek, Delta or any other industry-standard equipment, this makes the Smartpack2 Touch a future-proof solution. It is the only controller you will need at site.

"If you add the Multisite Monitor software, you can control your entire fleet of systems in the same simple and efficient way."

Bjarne Stavnes

Better cyber safe than sorry

As society becomes more and more dependent on network technology, cyber security becomes an ever more pressing issue. In cooperation with cyber risk specialists Contex, Eltek has put the Smartpack2 Touch through tough tests and has received Contex’ highest security rating. – This is part of our commitment to quality.

"Eltek takes cyber security very seriously. We have put the Smartpack2 controller through a number of security test, and have verified that it meets the highest security standards."

Scott Lester

Designed for the future

Comparing the Smartpack2 Touch with a smartphone is not entirely far-fetched. It offers a unique user experience through its touch screen interface, at 4.4 inches, about the size of a modern smartphone. You can point, click and drag much in the same way you operate a phone. It is accessible via Ethernet, and it will responsively adapt and display the same image on a remote screen (phone, tablet or PC) as on the system screen. – Making phone calls is just about the only thing you cannot do. But it will cater for the power system manager’s needs.

It is an integrated, compact and powerful bundle of hardware and software, with significantly increased computational capacity and advance algorithms that lets you do things you could hardly imagine only a short while ago.

Key features

  • Backwards compatible with existing Smartpack2 based system and control system designs
  • Future proof with high capasity and large memory capabilities
  • Integrates with 3rd party control systems and control devices
  • Superb user experience local with access to all functionality though touch based high grapical responsive user interface

For more information about Smartpack2 Touch visit the Smartpack2 Touch product page or download the data sheet.

Bjarne Stavnes - VP Control R&D Apr 18, 2018
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