Adding value through services


Adding value through services

Our dedicated team in the Nordics provides specialist services and solutions
Mathias Rask Michelsen, Field Service Department Manager, Nordic Jan 18, 2022

Services that make a difference

We offer a suite of structured service and maintenance contract options tailored to meet your requirements. They are delivered by trained power experts and service engineers, and through digital service solutions.

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Our dedicated team of in house field technicians and tech support experts have delivered a wide range of projects and maintained power systems across every corner of Norway, other countries globally and to the marine and offshore industry, according to regulated Norwegian and International standards and customer specific requirements.

24/7 Technical Support

By signing up for our 24/7 technical phone support you will at any time have access to an experienced engineer, assuring you of expert advice in the event of any problem. The majority of problems can typically be resolved over the telephone. If the problem requires site attendance, an engineer can be on site with the correct equipment within the agreed time limits.

Preventive maintenance

Planned maintenance visits prevent system faults and secure trouble free
operation. Such maintenance includes visual inspection of the operating
environment and system, as well as a complete test of the entire
system functionality, including alarm outputs and monitoring, rectifier
current sharing and system configuration and functionality. Battery testing is a vital part of a preventive maintenance visit, and is also available
as a separate service.

A full report follows each visit. This gives you an update on the condition of your equipment and helps you plan upgrading, expansion or renewal. Our standard preventive maintenance service includes full test, visual check, real and simulated alarm checks, alarm history check and a full report with recommendations.

24/7 On-Site Service

For total peace of mind, our 24 hour emergency service provides you with the assistance of an experienced service engineer at all times over the phone and on-site visits within pre-defined times according to requirements and location. It is also possible, depending on system configuration, to establish a modem or Ethernet connection from the  power systems on site, ensuring direct access to control the system from a remote location.

Installation, commissioning and turnkey services

Our trained and well experienced project, installation and approved sub-contractor teams ensure installation, commissioning and turnkey deliveries  to rigorous quality standards.

Project management

Our teams evaluate the technical characteristics, overall dimensions and the requirements applicable to the power systems for the integration of your total equipment and installation.

Eltek project managers/service engineers provide project, installation management and following up services that also include procurement, material tracking, budget analysis, scheduling and project tracking.

Extended warranty

Extended warranty of up to 5 years may be purchased 1 year at a time.

Swap/Repair services

We offer a product swap and/or repair service on a wide range of products, with fast turn round times and a new 12-month warranty issued on the complete product, not just the repair. All product repairs are made by Eltek engineers in our factory repair centres, using approved equipment and components. Each repaired unit is “fully tested” within a system environment to ensure fault-free operation.

Managed spares

We offer customized spare parts  support for critical components.
Based on the diagnosis of our support team, in collaboration with  your staff, we offers multiple spare part service levels with different shipment and delivery options.

Software updates

Eltek’s range of software services covers three options: A basic software product release service, a software product installation and configuration service and a full on-site software design and optimization service.


Eltek standard customer training & courses are available. For more info contact Service Nordic:

Service & Maintenance Contracts tailored to your need

Find a suitable (standard) service & maintenance program or contact us about a package specifically tailored to your need.

Reduce your service cost with MultiSite Monitor

With the MultiSite Monitor you get a network-wide overview of all power  equipment. This tool immediately identifies any issues; the critical ones that need to be addressed immediately, and the non-critical which may be corrected at the next scheduled service visit.

MultiSite Monitor (MSM) is a software tool that collects critical operational data from the power system’s controller, and presents it on the operator screen in a relevant and actionable format. The sites, of course, need to have an online connection. You get a realtime status view and the ability to monitor multiple sites anywhere from a remote client PC.

You can monitor and optimize the energy performance and battery status, check and modify configurations, as well as distribute firmware updates. The MultiSite Monitor also helps you keep a detailed and accessible inventory of your deployed equipment. In other words, it puts you in control when it comes to grid quality, battery health, energy consumption, generator performance, cooling and connectivity – all from one online terminal.

With MSM, you can increase energy output and realize great savings on reduced maintenance and site visits. It changes the mode-of-operandi from reactive to proactive. You can discover issues before they become a problem, and implement one and the same fix or tweak across your entire network. Battery life is prolonged, and it is easier to plan for services and replacements.

Learn more about Multisite Monitor.

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