A breakthrough in power conversion ready for rail and metro

The Rectiverter is the world's first 3-port bidirectional power conversion module, combining the functionality of a rectifier and an inverter in one unit.

A railway network is a complex environment, with numerous critical and supporting applications - all relying on reliable and stable supply of power to work continuously and keep services running. Eltek's Rectiverter system significantly reduces complexity and increases overview, control and reliability of AC and DC powered equipment in the rail infrastructure.

In recent years, innovations in power technology have improved reliability and driven down cost. However, in rail environments, like everywhere else, there is a need for both AC and DC power. Today, there are a number of separate AC and DC power systems, sourced from different vendors. This entails separate training, separate monitoring systems and separate spares.

AC and DC power combined

The Rectiverter changes this completely. The Rectiverter is a 3-port bidirectional converter that provides both AC and DC power simultaneously. Whereas before you needed many systems or several power stages, now you only need one. This is a fundamental change. With its ability to feed both AC and DC applications, the Rectiverter system can replace many other systems. It reduces complexity, saves space and increases flexibility immensely.

Not only is it dual output, it is also genuinely modular and can be scaled according to future needs. It reduces wasted energy due to its high overall power conversion efficiency of 96% in mains mode and 94% when operating as an inverter.

Perfect for Rail & Metro

There are a number of Rail & Metro applications where the Rectiverter is a particularly attractive proposition. One example is level crossings, where, for obvious safety reasons, there are very long back-up times. Rather than using over-dimensioned AC UPS's with extra DC chargers, the DC capacity in the Rectiverter is sufficient to recharge the batteries. The added reliability with the modular design, redundancy and built in transfer technology, also adds to the attractiveness.

Reduced total cost of ownership

The bottom line is reduced total cost of ownership over the product's lifetime, and a future-proof power supply infrastructure for rail & metro environments. The Rectiverter is one of the the first new major power technology advances in rail & metro power conversion in many years.

Apr 10, 2020
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