IPack65 48 Vdc

The roll-out of 5G networks will significantly increase the number of small cells and 5G radio equipment at the edge of the telecom network.


48V 8kW Power System

The IPack65 power system provides uninterrupted 48Vdc, either backed up by nearby IP65 free-standing Li-ion batteries or by normal indoor batteries in an outdoor cabinet. Alternatively, the system can be powered by a backed-up 400V AC or DC feed.

The IPack65 rectifier itself, and the system compartment, are IP65 compliant, without fans or filters, and will withstand any outdoor environment and require no regular maintenance.

With its super high efficiency, small size and weight, and flexible installation options, the IPack65 is a true 5G enabler.

It boasts application flexibility with a power range of 2-8kW and can be expanded in the field as load demands increase

Key features

  • Super high efficiency – 97.7%
  • IP65 - convention cooling
  • Full distribution
  • - 15 Load Branches (LVLD)
  • Smartpack S Controller allows for
  • remote monitoring and control
  • Hot pluggable rectifiers
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