Take the fast lane to capacity expansion


Take the fast lane to capacity expansion

What do you do when the amount of data you are processing is skyrocketing, and further expansion of server capacity is blocked due to power supply constraints?

Progress is to create more with less. Like when using 380 Vdc for Telecom Expansion.

We’ve all come to expect ever better, faster and greater products, services and experiences. At the same time, there seems to be less time, space and patience available. People demand instant gratification, or there will be constant aggravation...

Our customers meet these requirements every day. They operate the infrastructure of the world, in telecom, data centers, power utilities, marine & offshore and railways. 

They are all hard pressed to provide more and better services, operate more efficiently, reduce their environmental footprint and do more with less in so many ways. The same pressure is upon us. Our contribution is to provide more, faster, more flexible and more reliable power – delivered in more compact solutions.

One of the ways we help our customers meet this demand is by introducing 380Vdc power transfer within our power solutions. 


380Vdc power transfer is an alternative to 220Vac and 48Vdc power transfer in power system topologies.


380Vdc is an attractive alternative to short distance 48Vdc power transfer, and to medium range 220Vac power transfer.


The higher the voltage, the greater is the capacity to transfer power more efficiently and with lower losses. In other words, using 380Vdc instead of 220Vac or 48Vdc, one can transfer significantly more power through the same cable, or the same amount of power through significantly less cable, and with lower end-to-end losses.

This basic fact leads to a number of other advantages, some of which are: 

  • Reduced complexity, cable cost and footprint (space requirements)
  • Increased reliability
  • Greater modularity and safety
Nov 22, 2017


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