SHE is so cool - across Greenland

Eltek’s corporate marketing director Solfrid Harbu is living proof of the Eltek competitive spirit and adventurous attitude. She is heading north for a four week, 600 km crossing of the Greenland inland ice cap.

The idea had been simmering for a quite a while when Solfrid signed up for the adventure and challenge of her lifetime, last summer. For four weeks in April and May of 2018, she will be one of a 8 person strong group of sporty, stubborn and stalwart people that will traverse Greenland from coast to coast.

Solfrid explains: "This was not a decision I made on the spur of a moment. I had wanted to do something out of the ordinary, something that involved an extra effort and stepping outside of my comfort zone. I have a lovely and supporting family, a great and rewarding job, and a supportive employer. This made it both relevant and possible to realize this once-in-a-lifetime ego trip, a celebration of life, if you like. The fact that I am turning 40 this year may have played into the timing. Anyway, this seemed as good a time as any to realize my great adventure”.

A team effort

A Greenland ski crossing is no ordinary ski outing. Snow, wind, freezing cold days and nights, and every morning getting out of the tent for another full day of skiing. It would take someone like Nansen to do it alone. "We are completely dependent on each other and our performance as a team. But no team is stronger than its weakest member, so we all feel a great responsibility for our own performance and preparedness", says Solfrid.

"This was not a decision I made on the spur of a moment."

Solfrid Harbu, Corporate Marketing Director

sun rising over an arctic camp

Preparations have been going on for months. She has been dragging big truck wheels across the forests around Oslo. She has spent snowy, windy and freezing cold weekends in training camps in the mountains of Norway. And she has bought, tested and packed clothes and equipment that has been air-freighted to the east coast of Greenland. This is now waiting for her to arrive, pack the sleigh, and start the 400 meter climb onto the cap and get going. – I am well prepared, Solfrid confirms.

“We feel she is a great Eltek ambassador, displaying the kind of adventurous, ambitious spirit that we nurture in our global organization”

Morten Schøyen, Eltek’s Chief Marketing Officer

She is so cool

At Eltek, we will be following and supporting Solfrid on her adventure. "We feel she is a great Eltek ambassador, displaying the kind of adventurous, ambitious spirit that we nurture in our global organization", says Morten Schøyen, Eltek’s Chief Marketing Officer.  "She will also have time to reflect on the effects of climate change, where melting arctic ice is one of the most severe".

"This is also a context in which Eltek’s highly efficient power systems make a difference, among them the Flatpack2 SHE (Super High Efficiency) line of products that excel with their low heat dissipation. Hence, SHE is so cool. But Solfrid is the coolest - this is her great adventure – we are proud supporters", says Morten.

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Solfrid will report on the challenges, achievements and progress during her crossing. Read her posts here!

Greenland inland ice cap crossing - facts

  • 600 km from coast-to-coast, west-to-east
  • In the tracks of Nansen, on skis, dragging a 70 kg sleigh
  • Both physically and mentally demanding
  • 7- 8 effective skiing hours per day
  • Estimated duration 23-25 days (avg 30 km/day)
  • Highest altitude approximately 2500 meters above sea level
  • Average temperatures of -15 during the day, and -25-30 at night


Photo credit: Hvitserk

Solfrid Harbu, Corporate Marketing Director Apr 17, 2018
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