High Efficiency Hybrid Excellence


High Efficiency Hybrid Excellence

Superior power solutions for offgrid telecom installations
Nov 16, 2015

High efficiency hybrid excellence

With an increasing number of sites in remote and inaccessible locations, with poor or no grid, supplying energy to base stations becomes an increasing part of the network operational cost. Through Eltek's hybrid solutions the operational cost can be kept to a minimum, with very rapid return on investment

The benefits of an Eltek Hybrid Power Solution

With hybrid solutions from Eltek, operators can now dramatically reduce consumption of costly diesel an maximize the utilization of renewable energy. Our solutions are fully integrated and all energy sources and equipment are managed by a single controller. The benefits have been realized by numerous operators and Eltek hybrid solutions contribute to saving energy, diesel and money in thousands of installations.

Up to 80% OPEX Reduction

The combination of optimized gensets and efficient exploitation of the power generated by solar panels and/or wind turbines, will significantly reduce the diesel consumption and associated transportation cost. Even if you may not be able to completely replace diesel by renewable energy, an Eltek HE solution will make sure you get the most out of every drop.

>96,5% efficiency

Whether input power comes from solar panels, wind turbines, diesel generators or mains, our HE power conversion equipment will make sure that power conversion loss is minimized.

Reduced Co2 emissions

There are approximately 500 000 telecom installations powered by diesel generators today. These represent an enormous potential for reduction of environmental footprint. Many generators serving as the main energy source are operated in a very inefficient way. By optimizing the control and using our hybrid solution the energy is not just replaced kWh by kWh. but the emissions per kWh drop significantly.

Fully Integrated

The site is controlled and monitored by a single controller, providing full overview and management of all energy sources, solar and wind chargers and the diesel generator.

Reduced service requirements

Our systems are specified, designed and built for endurance and problem-free operation under harsh conditions. Genset optimization mechanisms ensure that the diesel generator runs at optimal loads (80-90%), resulting in shorter runtime pr. kWh and less soot and hence reduced need of maintenance.

Galvanic isolation

Our equipment has galvanic isolation, providing extended surge protection. An overvoltage pulse. e.g. from lightning, will be suppressed by the external surge protection in connection with the converter.

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