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In Ireland, a customer made us look at the MultiSite Monitor with new eyes. What we saw was a greater, wider and more valuable solution for site management.

Back in 2011, we started developing a monitoring system specifically
for solar hybrid solutions. The MultiSite Monitor provided detailed information of all the sites ́ power streams, including shadowing of solar panels, diesel consumption and battery performance. At the time
it was probably the best hybrid site monitoring system in the world.

In the UK and Ireland, telecom operators had no idea of its existence. After all, they were not into hybrid solutions – grids were stable and sunshine not. Nevertheless, the issue was the same: how to know and control what is going on in your network. Existing 3rd party monitoring solutions did not do the job.

They provided general information and general alarms – enough to keep you busy looking at them, but not specific enough to act upon.
Or you just respond, with no idea of what you are responding to. Is this a critical alarm that you need to take care of right away, or can it wait for the scheduled maintenance? What spare parts should you bring? You just don’t know.

I don’t think most of our clients even know that they influence us and contribute to shape our thinking. But they do.

Jason Butcher

Jason Butcher, Managing Director at Eltek UK, recalls clearly that day when a major Irish customer contacted him to vent his frustration. He needed to get some specific data out of his sites, but couldn’t. There were no tools available.

In desperation, eager to help, Jason o ered him the MultiSite Monitor. At least, it could communicate with all of the Eltek controllers. And it did the trick. Because hidden behind layers of hybrid site functionality, was a technology that could be applied to all kinds of sites.

“This was our incentive to start making neccessary changes and turn a hybrid tool into an industry leading site fleet monitoring tool”, says Jason.

Three months later, when the updated release came out, a pleased Irish customer  finally had his site monitoring solution, with all his requests implemented.

Eltek in the UK

  • The UK was the  rst step in the process of transforming a local Norwegian power company into a global player.
  • The office was set up in 1981. Since then, Eltek has been a recognized player in the UK telecom power market.
  • Eltek has delivered power solutions to operators and network builders across the UK and Ireland.
  • Colin Howe, Eltek’s President, started his career in power when he joined Eltek UK as an engineer in 1986.

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Jason Butcher, Managing Director Eltek UK Dec 12, 2018
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