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Inaugurating the "product torture chamber"

Certification Manager Rolf Bårnes (to the left) with HALT experts Tormod Ekdahl and Jonas Beverfjord

This October, our Certification and Validation team reached a milestone by powering up our own HALT chamber at Eltek HQ in Norway.

All Eltek products goes through rigorous testing to ensure our customers gets the very best quality,  and HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) is a vital part of this process.
"We have now fully in-sourced this testing to further improve the testing regime we put our products through" says Rolf Bårnes, Certification Manager.

"This will speed up the testing process and enable us to do more extensive testing. In the past, this would require travelling abroad, wasting time and cost, to seek out external testing facilities" Bårnes explains.

With the new HALT chamber, Eltek products must endure extreme conditions to pass.
Facing temperature changes of up to 70°C/minute, going from  + 200°C and down to -100°C, the Eltek products prove to be ready for any climate from the scorching desert sun to the eternal frost of the arctic.

This will speed up the testing process and enable us to do more extensive testing at will.

Rolf Bårnes, Certification Manager

Add to that, vibration of up to 100Grms to prove survival in case of earthquakes, we truly prove the quality or our products.

The ordeal for each product lasts for 2 weeks before it gets approved, in which it is taken to the limits and beyond - all in the quest for ever improved quality.

Dec 05, 2017
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