Modular power solutions provide unprecedented power availability

Data Center

Modular power solutions provide unprecedented power availability

Our power solutions are flexible, compact and reliable, meeting all AC and DC power requirements within IT, telecom, cloud and banking
Some of our applications

Expand IT capacity rapidly

Eltek’s close collaboration with Delta Mission Critical accesses a complete portfolio of infrastructure for Enterprise computer rooms covering power, cooling, racks, accessories to energy management and DCIM
Closely integrated design enables cold or hot aisle containment Solutions, cooled by in-row chilled water or DX systems and powered by either modular or monobloc UPS at twice the density of competitors to maximize capacity expansion within an affordable price.

Flexible power to match changing demand

Eltek lead the world in providing power systems for Service Providers that can scale from small to huge and flex to different, expanding and changing applications.
Converged design brings all elements of the low voltage power room into space efficient platforms for Cloud services, that demand high performance computing and varying workloads as new applications rise and fall. We support traditional IT and Telecoms while evolving everyone’s future.
Modular Data Centers

Data Center expansion for the future

Eltek’s prefabricated data centers take modularity to a new level. Each module is a complete stand-alone data center, and several modules can be put together to form a larger data center.
Prefabricated Modular Data Centers take the development time down from years to months. Design based on standard building blocks provides technical flexibility, while quality is maximized through recurring manufacture.

Powering the world's largest data centers

Eltek power Open Computing at a scale previously uninmaginable as the global digital economy expands exponentially. We do this through close collaboration with industry leaders to benefit all, across the world.
Distributed design using proven technology, manufactured on a massive scale, enable deployment of Gigawatts of power to drive Open Computing into Hyperscale Datacenters. Leadership shared with specialists is now available for others to expand their own versions of Open Computing.


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