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We are committed to meeting all your service needs with our team of highly trained professionals. Our wide range of services includes site surveys, project management, installation and commissioning, preventive maintenance, battery maintenance, 24/7 emergency services, product repair and training.

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The range of services may vary from region to region. Contact your closest Delta office for further details on the services available in your country.

Project management

We provide turn-key services starting from site survey and planning.

Our team evaluates the technical characteristics, overall dimensions and the requirements applicable to the power plants for the integration of your equipment. Our project coordinators provide project management services that include procurement, material tracking, budget analysis, scheduling and project tracking.

For in-depth information, please contact your closest Delta representative or send an email to

Preventive maintanence

A regular check on your equipment often prevents expensive repairs by identifying any fault or weakness as early as possible

Preventive Maintenance

A full report follows each visit. This gives you an update on the condition of your equipment and helps you plan upgrading, expansion or renewal. Our standard preventive maintenance service includes full test, visual check, real and simulated alarm checks, alarm history check and a full report with recommendations.

Battery maintenance

In addition to system maintenance, we areable to perform battery maintenance. This includes supplying all of the measuring tools and load equipment necessary to operate a controlled discharge of the battery bank and test each individual cell. All measurements are recorded and listed in a report presented at the end of the operation. For in-depth information, please contact your closest Delta representative or send an email to


The installation and full test of our equipment on site is vital to assure future trouble-free operation.

For in-depth information, please contact your closest Delta representative or send an email to

On-site service

On site service is available both as part of a service contract and on an "ad hoc" basis.

24 hours emergency service

For total peace of mind, our 24 hour emergency service provides you with the assistance of an experienced engineer at all times over the phone and on-site visits within pre-defined times according to location. It is also possible, depending on system configuration, to establish a modem or Ethernet connection between the power systems on site and Delta, ensuring direct access to control the system from a remote location.

Product repairs

All product repairs are based on fixed prices and are guaranteed for one year.


A comprehensive range of training courses is available and can be customized to meet specific customer needs.

For in-depth information, please contact your closest Delta  representative or send an email to

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