Flatpack2 48/3200 HE Solar

HE solar charger for Telecom applications

High efficiency solar charger for telecom applications

With the MPPT algorithm ensuring close to 100% panel utilization and an efficiency above 97%, the galvanic isolated solar charger sets new standards for renewable power in telecom.

Key features

  • High efficiency– 97 %
  • MPPT – Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Ground fault detection of PV string
  • Supports high input voltage- up to 430V = low losses/small cables
  • Telecom specifications
  • Fully integrated in Eltek control system
  • Global compliance
  • Voltage keying
  • Patented HE technology
Technical Data
Voltage DC (operating range)
85 - 430 VDC
DC Output
Max Power
3200 W
Voltage (adjustable range)
43,5 - 57,6 VDC
Current (maximum)
66,7 ADC
Max voltage
57,6 VDC
Single fan
97 %
Operating temperature
-40 - 75 °C
Dimensions WxHxD (mm)
109 x 41 x 324 mm
Dimensions WxHxD (inch)
4,29 x 1,63 x 12,76 "
Mounting dimensions
19" / 1U / 324 Width (Inch) / Height (U) / Depth (mm)
1,95 kg
Design Standards
Ingress Protection (IP)
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