MultiSite Monitor

MultiSite Monitor (MSM) tracks the energy performance and status of all your sites. Access performance data that can be used to evaluate investments in hybrid DC power system and for marketing of site fleet’s reduced carbon emission.

Server-based monitoring software

The MultiSite software is a server-based tool that gathers statistical data from connected sites and store it in a database. The software also includes web pages for viewing the data from the database. The tool support up to 3000 connected sites.

Monitor the sites energy performance. The MultiSite software is a tool for monitoring multiple sites’ energy performance and status. The site owner gets access to performance data that can be used to evaluate investments in hybrid DC power system and for marketing of site fleet’s reduced carbon emission.

The instant status of sites makes MultiSite a 1st line site maintenance tool; whenever there is a site in alarm, it is easily seen in the map, the list and top bar. One click in the site’s details view will open the site’s web pages in a new tab for further investigation of the alarm.

Key features

  • SNMP Monitoring of 3rd party Power System controllers
  • SNMP trap receiver
  • Integration with 3rd party ticket system
  • Easy access through web browser for both clients and administrators
  • Client monitoring - not dependent on access to site network
  • Central database server holds statistical data, resulting in decreased browsing latency
  • Server to site data transfer through HTTP port 80
  • Fire-wall friendly (SSL on port 443 is fully supported)
  • Map view with comprehensive sites overview
  • Grouping of sites enables a greater overview
  • Supports up to3000 sites
  • Support FQDNAutomatic detection of underperforming sites
  • Use of battery, energy, generator and network connectivity
  • Comprehensive alarm views
  • Rolling alarm view, alarm details view and alarm ranking of sites
  • Set KPI targets and measure site energy and performance
  • E-mail reports
  • Allows for site specific IP cameras to be monitored through MultiSite Monitor
  • Remaining battery life and battery backup time
  • Grid availability
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From hybrid to multi-breed

The MultiSite Monitor was originally developed specifically for solar hybrid installations. These sites are located in remote locations, and the ability to remotely monitor the site in terms of solar panel performance (sunshine/shadow conditions), diesel consumption (normal/abnormal) and battery status was of course very valuable.

But the MultiSite Monitor is no longer a tool restricted to hybrid sites. – Its functionality is perfect for any fleet of power sites controlled by a SmartPack or a Delta controller – It is much more specific and useful than any 3rd party general monitoring system could ever be.

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