The green impact of Hybrid power

Each year, the 10,000 hybrid telecom sites installed by Eltek create huge savings, for customers and the environment alike.

Since the launch in 2008, these hybrid solutions combining solar backup power and high-efficiency DC power systems, instead of diesel back up systems, has eliminated more than 900,000 tons of C02 from the atmosphere and reduced operator electricity expenses by more than $400 million.

Depending on the equipment configuration and site power requirements, the savings at each site varies significantly, but typically the operational cost is reduced by 70 - 80 percent primarily due to the reduction of diesel consumption by generators and a reduced service cost. In addition a hybrid solution provides a significantly improved reliability and uptime.

Eltek's ability to do turnkey projects in major countries across the globe as well as its MultiSite Monitor, making it possible to have a network wide overview to optimize utilization of energy sources and site performance, are other contributing factors to the company's success with hybrid sites.

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Jan 08, 2018
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