Rectiverter Indoor system 6kVA AC + 12,8-24kW DC

The Rectiverter indoor system combines both AC and DC feed into one common unit.Simultaneously it provides AC backup power for 230 Vac loads, and 48 Vdc power for DC loads and battery charging.

Rectiverter Indoor system 6kVA AC + 12,8-24kW DC

With our FPC cabinet platform it’s designed for a protection class of IP20-21. The total DC output can be configured up to 24kW DC load where the limitation for AC load is set to max 6kVA.

Key features

  • 230 Vac single phase input
  • 400 Vac three phase input
  • 48 Vdc input/output
  • Single phase output
  • Max 6kVA AC output
  • Max 24kW DC output
  • 1 pole AC distribution option
  • 2 pole AC distribution option
  • -48 Vdc distribution option
  • Built in transfer technology
  • 150% overload capability, 15s
  • 600% quick trip current, 20ms
  • Hot pluggable
  • Smartpack2 controller
  • Smartpack S controller
Technical Data
Current (maximum)
128 ADC
Max input AC Voltage
475 VAC
Max input DC Voltage
58 VDC
Mains configuration
230/400VAC 3 phase (Y)
AC Output
Max Output AC Voltage
240 VAC
Max power (kVA/kW)
6 / 4
DC Output
Max Power
24000 W
Current (maximum)
500 ADC
Max voltage
58 VDC
Max power
24 kW
Battery Distribution
Breaker positions up to
Breaker rating up to
200 A
DC Load Distribution
Breaker positions up to
Breaker rating up to
63 A
AC Load Distribution
Number of breakers
Breaker rating, up to
10 A
Operating temperature
-40 - 55 °C
Dimensions WxHxD (mm)
600 x 2000 x 600 mm
Dimensions WxHxD (inch)
23,62 x 78,74 x 23,62 "
Mounting dimensions
23" / 44U / 600 Width (Inch) / Height (U) / Depth (mm)
Design Standards
Ingress Protection (IP)
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