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380 Vdc Power Solutions
Smartpack2 control and monitoring system. Using 380 Vdc reduces the normal operating current by a factor ... Central Office,IT Power Supply 380V 380 Vdc Power Solutions Eltek’s 380 Vdc systems provide operators with

Flatpack2 DC/DC 42-75V 380/1350
241115.615 Central Office DC/DC converter for 380 Vdc distribution systems en;de-DE;en-IN;en-GB;en ... <2kW Remote Power 380V Flatpack2 DC/DC 42-75V 380/1350 This Flatpack2 DC/DC converter provides a secondary

Flatpack2 DC/DC 380/48 3000 SHE
With this Flatpack2 380V to 54V converter, central 380 Vdc-UPS becomes a competitive alternative for a wider ... Modular 48V Flatpack2 DC/DC 380/48 3000 SHE The Flatpack2 DC/DC 380/48 3000 SHE enables a high efficiency

Flatpack2 DC/DC 380V/54V system
Flatpack2 DC/DC 380V/54V Power System converts the 380 Vdc bus voltage down to a regulated 54 Vdc with a ... monitoring unit enables sites to benefit from utilizing 380 Vdc as a transmission voltage. Either for a competitive

Flatpack2 380V/3000W HE
241119.825 HE rectifier for 380 Vdc in data centers en;de-DE;en-IN;en-GB;en-DK;en-US;fi-FI;pl-PL;ru-RU

Indoor FPC cabinet
268527 Indoor FPC cabinet en;de-DE;en-IN;en-GB;en-DK;fi-FI;pl-PL;ru-RU The cabinets are designed to meet challenging requirements for indoor telecom and Industrial applications, with special

Smartpack2 Touch
242100.510 Distributed control system en;de-DE;en-IN;en-GB;en-DK;en-US;fi-FI;pl-PL;ru-RU New features and look on a well-tested control platform Eltek’s new Smartpack2 Touch controller offers

Converged Power System (CPS)
CDE37242.404 Unique architecture, maximum reliability en;de-DE;en-IN;en-GB;en-DK;fi-FI;pl-PL;ru-RU The Eltek Converged Power System is built around the Flatpack2 High Efficiency (HE) power

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