Unleash the Power of 5G


Unleash the Power of 5G

IPack65 is the perfect solution for power-hungry 5G telecom networks.
Nov 29, 2023

IPack65 - Super High Efficiency Power System for telecom

IPack65 is the perfect solution for power-hungry 5G telecom networks. Maintenance free, super-efficient and lightweight, it provides a fast and flexible way to the world of 5G -while building a high-quality network with low operational cost.

IPack65 is your 5G enabler

The roll-out of 5G networks will significantly increase the amount of equipment in the telecom network. 4G equipment will co-exist with new 5G equipment and become integral parts of the same telecom infrastructure, where space becomes a scarce commodity. The IPack65 is the perfect solution to power your 5G transition.

Installation of a 5G Telecom Tower

With more equipment in your network, like power converters, backup batteries, controllers, cabinets, antennas, and cabling, comes increased complexity, leading to a costly system support and maintenance nightmare - with Ipack65 you will become maintenance free.



5Good reasons to let IPack65 power your telecom network

1. Dust and water-proof

Using convection cooled IP65 housing, the IPack65 rectifiers are dust and waterproof. There are no fans or filters that need to be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. This virtually eliminates the need for scheduled on-site maintenance, and significantly reduces the number of site visits over the product’s lifetime.

What is convection cooling? Convection cooling is the mechanism whereby heat is transferred from a hot surface by the flow of air surrounding it. Surface heat causes an expansion of the surrounding air and a reduction in its density. This causes hotter, less dense air to carry away thermal energy resulting in a cooling effect. With its ribbed design increasing its surface area, the Ipack65 is cooled without any need for fans, eliminating the need for filters.

2. Lightweight and small

Weight and size are of essence in a crowded site environment, like on a rooftop. The smaller and lighter, the easier the deployment will be. An IPack65 system equipped with 4 rectifier modules (each at 4 kW) weighs 27.2 kg. No cranes are necessary at any stage of the installation process – the system can even be hand-carried to site.

IP65 product image

3. Super high efficiency

The IPack65 rectifier is an adapted version of the Flatpack2 SHE (super high efficiency) rectifier, with an efficiency of 97.7 %. This minimizes energy loss and CO2 footprint, and associated cost over time.

The individual module has a power output of 2 kW and is hot-pluggable. This means that capacity can be added in the field, or in the case of malfunction or upgrades, be replaced without disturbing operation of the system. The system configurations are available in 4-8kW, 2 to 4 modules.

4. Built-in Smartpack S controller

The Smartpack S controller makes the IPack65 ready for smart management and the cloud. The Smartpack S covers all control and monitoring needs of small to medium telecom and industrial DC power systems. Status and configuration are fully available through the ethernet plug both remote and locally.

The Smartpack S opens up for remote management via the internet, using Multisite Monitor. The MultiSite software is a server-based tool that gathers and analyzes operational statistical data from connected sites. It communicates alarms, potential consequences and proposes actions to fix problems and optimize operation. Supporting up to 3000 connected sites, the MultiSite Monitor is web based and has map-based navigation.

Smartpack product image

5. Great flexibility – input, backup and applications

The IPack65 power system provides uninterrupted 48Vdc. It accepts both DC and AC input, making it perfect for hybrid environments where AC sources are supplemented for instance by solar panels. With an output of 2kW – 8kW, the system will meet many requirements in 5G radio access sites.

The choice of input power between AC and DC, in combination with flexibility when it comes to backup solutions, open up for attractive configuration concepts. An AC-powered configuration can be backed up by nearby, free-standing IP65-rated Li-ion batteries, or by normal indoor batteries placed in a climate-safe outdoor cabinet.

Alternatively, the system can be powered by a backed-up remote 400Vdc feed. This significantly reduces the amount of installed equipment at the outdoor location and in most cases reduce the input cable cross section.

With its modest dimensions and an neutral, yet elegant, outside cover, the IPack65 system blends nicely in with other equipment present at the site. The outside cover can also be used for branding elements, like your logo.

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