The Sweet Sound of Service

Service is such a nice word. It carries a promise that someone is looking after you, protecting you and making you feel comfortable and safe.

This is exactly what the experience of real service does – whether you are visiting a restaurant or a store as a private person, or you are a professional at work, responsible for mission-critical equipment or processes. – Services are designed to make you feel good. To offer services, you have to be good, says Sven Arild Danielsen, service and project manager at Eltek Nordics.

A question of attitude

Sven Arild is head of an enthusiastic group of service engineers working out of the Nordic headquarters in Drammen, west of Oslo, serving customers all over the Nordic region. – Our engineers combine deep technical understanding and hands-on, capabilities with a service-oriented mindset. The latter is an absolute requirement to deliver the extra value that services add to any purchased power installation, says Sven Arild.

Service add value 24/7

Anyone who has experienced the opposite, recognizes the value of calm and peaceful sleep, in safe reassurance that critical systems are being monitored and well looked after. No service engineer can deliver that on his or her own, though. He or she needs to be part of an organization trained and capable of delivering the same structured package with consistent quality, every time. – Attitude is fundamental, but so is also the offering in itself.

The ability to see things from the customer’s perspective is a quality we look for in all Eltek people

Sven Arild Danielsen

Wide portfolio

Eltek offers a wide range of services, that can be tailored into a specific package for each individual case or customer. The offering includes 24/7 tech support, preventive maintenance, 24/7 on-site-service, swap/repair, installation, commissioning and turnkey services, project management, extended warranty, managed support, software updates and training. – Everything is important – the trick is to design the combination that offers the best possible return on investment.

The right tools

The MultiSite Monitor is a software tool that puts the power in the hands of the customer. It monitors, measures and reports continuously on the performance of all your sites, as long as they are networked. MultiSite Monitor works best within networks with a majority of Eltek or Delta controllers, but can also read and analyse data from any controller with SNMP output, can be placed in a closed network or in a more open, internet-based solution, and it is available in a tiered pricing model, based on the number of sites in your network.

The ability to measure and report on the performance of essential operational parameters and fine-tune performance, often without uptime disruptions, really makes a difference.

Sven Arild Danielsen

Good tools are essential. We use MultiSite Monitor ourselves, and see that more and more of our customers open their eyes to the increased efficiency and cost savings that MSM makes possible. – The ability to measure and report on the performance of essential operational parameters and fine-tune performance, often without uptime disruptions, really makes a difference. The savings related to fewer site-visits alone can rapidly return the cost of this powerful tool, says chief caretaker Sven Arild Danielsen.

Sven Arild Danielsen, Service & Project Manager, Nordic Oct 06, 2020
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