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Cost Study on AC vs DC Data Center based on System Efficiency - an Eltek White Paper

A detailed technical analysis to compare the efficiency of the equipment used in DC- and AC-powered data centers.


Data consumption across the globe is increasing exponentially and it has triggered massive growth in the number of data centers and their power consumption. Many businesses are looking for options to effectively implement their data centers in order to reduce their carbon footprint to be environmentally friendly and save on initial investment and capital expenditures.

This is leading data center owners to invest in and explore new technologies and innovative solutions. This has reignited an interest in DC-powered data centers with various studies and research having been conducted to better understand various aspects of the power system.

This paper describes a detailed technical analysis that was carried out to compare the efficiency of the equipment used in DC- and AC-powered data centers based on the current market and thereby calculate the amount of savings that can be achieved if an AC powered data center switched to DC power.

Power Solutions from Eltek caters for all power needs in the data center. It combines the advantages of modern, modular power technology while meeting all AC and DC load requirements. Our power expert Mat Heneghan explains:

May 18, 2017
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