Future-proof power for rail infrastructure

Our solutions provide power across the entire rail infrastructure: Signaling, station applications and supporting applications.

Railroad transportation has a key role to play in a ‘‘green mobility’’ society, where people and goods can move efficiently and safely, with minimal environmental impact. Eltek’s power solutions help drive this development.

They are based on cutting-edge power conversion technology, are highly efficient, reliable and safe. They are modular and scalable. They reduce complexity, environmental impact and total cost of ownership across the entire rail infrastructure.

Powerful solutions for railway networks

Interlocking systems

Interlocked signaling systems often have many potential single points of failure. They are becoming old, origin from many suppliers and there may be problems with spares and costly repairs. They lack in efficiency and there is usually no redundancy on module level. Not every application has battery backup. Eltek’s modular power systems, managed locally or remotely through one controller, outputs several voltage levels with n+1 redundancy. They provide a completely different level of efficiency, controllability and reliability, securing continuous operation of interlocking systems.

Combined systems with multiple voltages for customized UPS’s


More flexibility with the Rectiverter The Rectiverter is a 3-port bidirectional converter that provides both AC and DC power simultaneously. With its ability to feed both AC and DC applications, the Rectiverter system can replace many other systems. It reduces complexity, saves space and increases flexibility immensely. 

Level crossings

There are a number of Rail & Metro applications where the Rectiverter is a particularly attractive proposition. One example is level crossings, where, for obvious safety reasons, there are very long back-up times. Rather than using overdimensioned AC UPS’s with extra DC chargers, the DC capacity in the Rectiverter is sufficient to recharge the batteries.

Point machines

Point machines constitute another application where the Rectiverter system fits very well. Point machines can be fed from AC or DC supplies and have different power requirements depending on the amount of motor drives. A modular Rectiverter-system is easy to configure for this application.

Example of configuration suitable for level crossings

Sep 07, 2017
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