"Get the full performance picture from all your sites"


"Get the full performance picture from all your sites"

Eltek's Senior Software Engineer, Hanne Cathrine Enger is one of the experts behind the MultiSite Monitor.
Hanne Cathrine Enger - Senior Software Engineer Nov 15, 2018

The power of one

Many a little makes a mickle. The wisdom of this proverb illustrates the challenge faced by companies that operate power installations spread across several sites. The more sites, the more complexity, and greater the risk that underperforming elements remain unseen and unfixed. Multiplied across the entire network of sites, the compound effect may become substantial.

Operational excellence is an ideal for anyone operating a complex technical environment. The devil is in the details. A small unfixed problem may not be a big thing in itself, but if it exists in several places, the compound effect adds up. Likewise, a small improvement made in one place may seem fairly insignificant in its own right, but can add up to great value if multiplied many times across a large network of sites. This is the challenge and opportunity that the MultiSite Monitor addresses. It helps disclosing problems that may cause a headache, and to a certain extent prescribes the right cure to fix it.

Multisite monitor in a control center

MultiSite Monitor gives you performance data at a glance.

Multisite, multipurpose and multibenefit

MultiSite Monitor (MSM) is a software tool that collects critical operational data from the power system’s controller, and presents it on the operator screen in a relevant and actionable format. The sites, of course, need to have an online connection. You get a realtime status view and the ability to monitor multiple sites anywhere from a remote client PC.

- The MultiSite Monitor is an efficient headache remedy for power system operators and owners. It lets you see all your networks as one system, and gives you the ability to handle both urgent alarms as well as issues that cause poor performance.

You can monitor and optimize the energy performance and battery status, check and modify configurations, as well as distribute firmware updates. The MultiSite Monitor also helps you keep a detailed and accessible inventory of your deployed equipment. In other words, it puts you in control when it comes to grid quality, battery health, energy consumption, generator performance, cooling and connectivity – all from one online terminal.

- With MSM, you can increase energy output and realize great savings on reduced maintenance and site visits. It changes the mode-of-operandi from reactive to proactive. You can discover issues before they become a problem, and implement one and the same fix or tweak across your entire network. Battery life is prolonged, and it is easier to plan for services and replacements.

Lars Elstrom

“MSM puts you in control when it comes to grid quality, battery health, energy consumption, generator performance, cooling and connectivity – all from one online terminal."

Lars Elstrøm, Chief Technical Officer

From hybrid to multi-breed

The MultiSite Monitor was originally developed specifically for solar hybrid installations. These sites are located in remote locations, and the ability to remotely monitor the site in terms of solar panel performance (sunshine/shadow conditions), diesel consumption (normal/abnormal) and battery status was of course very valuable.

But the MultiSite Monitor is no longer a tool restricted to hybrid sites. – Its functionality is perfect for any fleet of power sites controlled by a SmartPack or a Delta controller – It is much more specific and useful than any 3rd party general monitoring system could ever be.

3rd party monitoring system tend to provide data that is too generic, and drown the operator with information that cannot be turned into adequate responsive action. The quality of the data and the way they are prioritized and presented, really set the MultiSite Monitor apart from any other monitoring system. It is a valuable bank of expertise and information that makes it possible to make informed decisions.

For more details, visit the MultiSite Monitor product page - or download the datasheet below.

Download Multisite Monitor datasheet


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