The hybrid solutions building blocks

Eltek’s pure renewable and hybrid power solutions are based on industry leading building blocks, fully integrated into coherent, complete and flexible solutions.

The complete and integrated solutions have one single Smartpack controller overlooking all energy sources, flow and storage. The entire installation is easily and efficiently monitored and controlled over the Internet by means of advanced, yet user friendly monitoring software, with relevant system data fed from the Smartpack controller which at all times oversees critical parameters and general system performance.

Flatpack2 Integrated Power Core

This is a rack mountable system with integrated DC load distribution, housing controller, solar chargers and/or rectifiers. The system is flexible and can easily be upgraded to meet changing demands.

Flatpack2 Integrated Power Core

Remote Monitoring and Control

  • Advanced, yet user-friendly web application
  • Seamless communication with onsite Smartpack controller
  • Full overview of all energy flow, usage and harvest in your network

Remote monitoring and control

Smartpack2 - Site controller

  • Advanced charging control and battery monitoring
  • Gen-set optimization programs
  • Fuel level, consumption and theft monitoring
  • Configurable data logging options
  • Password protection and site cloning features

Smartpack2 Site Controller

Flatpack2 HE rectifier

  • 96.5% power conversion efficiency
  • High power density
  • Wide operating AC input range
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Power rating 2kW/3kW

Flatpack2 HE Rectifier

Flatpack2 HE solar charger

  • 96.5% power conversion efficiency
  • Advanced Max Power Point Tracking routines
  • Full galvanic isolation
  • Wide operating DC input range
  • Power rating 1.5kW
  • Full telecom specification

Flatpack2 HE Solar Charger

Flatpack2 HE wind charger

  • 96.5% power conversion efficiency
  • Programmable power vs. voltage characteristics
  • Full galvanic isolation
  • Power rating 3kW
  • Full telecom specification

Flatpack2 HE Wind Charger

Dec 17, 2015
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