Jan 09, 2018

Ready to go - ready to grow! Prefabricated Modular Data Centers for the future.

Get going with Eltek's prefabricated, complete data center in one stand-alone module - or put several modules together to form a larger data center.

Always on the edge

With modular high efficiency power solutions at the core of the design, full flexibility is provided for servers in terms of supply voltage and power capacity. As well as delivering remote power solutions next to subscribers and large centralized power systems, we are now working closely to bring computing and storage for new digital image services to The Edge across the world.

Each module is a complete stand-alone data center, and several modules can be put together to form a larger data center

Prefabricated Modular Data Center

An MDC from Eltek is a complete IT ready solution for the Edge. Watch this video to see the build-up of the demo module that have been touring the world this year.

Data Center expansion for the future

  • Prefabricated Modular Data Center takes the development time down from years to months
  • Design based on standard building blocks provides technical flexibility, while lead times are kept to a minimum
  • Various configurations from a single 20 foot enclosure to double “clam shell mounted” can be provided - all with various options when it comes to IT racks, cooling, protection, power and other infrastructure elements
  • Future proofing power - AC & DC power for when your IT and power requirements change

Various configurations can be provided - all with various options when it comes to IT racks, cooling, protection, power and other infrastructure elements

CPS inside

Data center operation is a “no compromise” business. Customers are buying peace-of-mind and a guarantee for continuous and secure operation of their business-critical IT systems. That’s why the back-up power solution is a top priority for data center builders and operators.

This is also why the Converged Power Solution (CPS) is the preferred alternative. The modularity provides a high reliability and the ability to scale the power to meet current power needs as well as room for future expansion.

The CPS system also allows migration from AC to DC loads as more DC equipment becomes available, improving availability as well as overall efficiency.

Learn more about Converged Power Solutions

The CPS deals with all the major VAC and VDC voltages and facilitates mixed environments. Regardless of where trends might go in the future, you can be sure that you are always on the right track

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