This is Eltek - an overview

Eltek is a brand of Delta. It is a global brand, renowned for high quality, high efficiency power solutions relied upon by quality-conscious customers around the world. Sub-brands include power conversion products and technologies HE (high efficiency) and SHE (Super High Efficiency). Its origins lie in Norway, where the company was founded in 1971. The company was acquired by Delta Electronics in 2015.

A brand built on ambition

Eltek is a true child of power experts and very high ambitions when it comes to power conversion technology.
Its history is a journey of improvement, innovation and technological leadership.

Through offices around the world manned by local people with an intimate knowledge of local markets and culture, the brand has earned its reputation as a locally adapted global brand, meeting both local requirements and acknowledged international standards, supported by power conversion experts and offering the best solutions, services and advice our customers can get.

The Eltek solutions provide power and backup power required for efficient and stable operation of essential infrastructure that makes the world work, such as Telecom, Power Utilities, Data Centers, Railway & Metro, Marine & Offshore and Rural Electrification.

Born in the Nordics

The roots of Eltek lie in Norway and the harsh Nordic climate. This formed the basis for international expansion and a leading position for Eltek, originally within telecom power - from where it has spread across the world and to other sectors where high-capacity, reliable and efficient power supply is crucial.

Eltek is a brand within power conversion, i.e. the process of converting one type of current, i.e. AC, to another, DC, and in the process adjusting the voltage, making it suitable for specific delicate electronic equipment. This core functionality is combined with battery backup, distribution and advanced monitoring and control in complete power systems for industrial applications where the efficiency and reliability of power supply is business critical.

The value proposition of Eltek is: High efficiency power systems that reduce the cost and environmental footprint of energy usage, and that reduce the cost of ownership of power systems


Eltek customers

Eltek customers include many leading companies in their lines of business, ranging from large multinationals to smaller national or local companies. What they all have in common, is a preference for quality, reliability and value for money.

Company Registrations

Delta Electronics (Norway) AS
Organization number: 977529964
Company Form: AS
Main office: Graaterudveien 8, 3036 Drammen, Norway 
Registered in: The Brønnøysund Register Centre


Aug 26, 2023
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