A new word - and a new world - in power conversion


A new word - and a new world - in power conversion

The world's first bidirectional power module

Introducing the world’s first bidirectional power conversion module

The Rectiverter is so unique - we had to make a new word for it. It is the only word you need to remember if your requirement is efficient, compact, reliable and scalable supply of both AC and DC power.

The Rectiverter is a new concept in power conversion. It combines the functionality of a rectifier, an inverter and a static transfer switch in one bidirectional power module.

This opens up for a new power flow architecture and a new way of designing power systems, meeting the needs for both AC and DC output, in one modular system.

With the same dimensions and mechanical design as Eltek's other modules, the Rectiverter is the main building block in scalable systems for a wide range of applications.

Bidirectional power flow with freedom and full flexibility

Feb 03, 2016


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