Powering telecom everywhere with hybrid solar solutions


Powering telecom everywhere with hybrid solar solutions

Optimize the energy mix and slash your OPEX significantly with the new powerful solar charger from Eltek.
May 15, 2019

Full coverage with off-grid solar-powered telecom sites

We all expect optimal mobile phone coverage, no latency regardless of location, often outside the national grid. And as our need of processing even more data increases, so does the electricity bill to power it all.

We are all committed to conducting our business in an ever greener, more sustainable way. Remotely located sites powered by expensive diesel is no longer an option. Extending an already congested grid often requires large investments and is simply not possible in many location.

Solar power is the most reliable way forward, not only for remote sites, but also for any location where free energy from the sun can substitute power from the grid. Solar power can be stored and used when local tariffs are high or as an add on during times when loads are high.


Compatible with latest panel technology

The Flatpack2HE 48V 3000W solar charger is a powerful charger that lets you utilise your solar power independent of panel technology. Together with our High Efficiency rectifiers and/or rectiverters your carbon footprint is minimized and your performance optimized.

From the freezing tundras of the arctic to the dry heat of the Southern hemisphere, tens of thousands of Eltek Solar Hybrid systems have already been installed.

Milan Dermek, Project manager Eltek Hybrid Solutions

Smartpack2 Touch

The Smartpack2 Touch is the next generation controller, and its the only controller that you need. It supports all your equipment, Eltek, Delta or 3rd party, and it has the highest security rating.

Rectiverter 230V 1500VA

Built on HE technology from the Flatpack2 HE rectifier family the Rectiverter 230/1500 110/1200 provides backed up power for 230VAC loads with minimum losses and footprint. It is a 3 port device capable of charging the 110V battery and simultaneously provides power for the AC and DC loads. During mains outage the Rectiverter feeds AC loads using energy stored in the battery.

Flatpack2 48-3200 HE Solar

The combination of innovative design, efficiency and reliability makes the Flatpack2 HE Solar stand out amongst the competition. With the MPPT algorithm ensuring close to 100% panel utilization and an efficiency above 97% the galvanic isolated solar charger sets new standards for renewable power in telecom.
Substantial savings potential

The financial aspects of a solar hybrid solution depend on many factors. Some of them are: The location and the amount of sunlight, the site's shape and orientation towards the sun and the cost of fossil fuel and security measures. The availability of government subsidies for renewable energy projects also plays an important role in this picture.

These factors affect the feasibility and profitability of solar hybrid powered sites. To determine if a solar hybrid solution is financially viable, you don't need to analyse all these factor because the financial upside of solar investments is often a plus game if you look at the total cost of ownership. In addition, the cost of not complying with society´s environmental ambitions and commitments would be virtually immeasurable.

Full control of your solar hybrid sites with MultiSite Monitor

Operational excellence is an ideal for anyone operating a complex technical environment. The devil is in the details. A small unfixed problem may not be a big thing in itself, but if it exists in several places, the compound effect adds up. Likewise, a small improvement made in one place may seem fairly insignificant in its own right, but can add up to great value if multiplied many times across a large network of sites.

This is the challenge and opportunity that the MultiSite Monitor addresses. It helps disclosing problems that may cause a headache, and to a certain extent prescribes the right cure to fix it.

With MultiSite Monitor installed you can monitor the performance of your solar panels, identify if vegetation is shading for the sun, or even learn if your solar panels needs cleaning. You can monitor your diesel consumption and tigger alarms for diesel theft. Battery health and performance is of course also part of the picture that are available from MultiSite Monitor.

With MSM, you can increase energy output and realize great savings on reduced maintenance and site visits. It changes the mode-of-operandi from reactive to proactive. You can discover issues before they become a problem, and implement one and the same fix or tweak across your entire network. Battery life is prolonged, and it is easier to plan for services and replacements.



Get the full picture

MultiSite Monitor is a software tool that tracks Eltek controllers in your hybrid telecom power network, analyzing vast performance data from all sites. It promptly displays real-time status, key statistics, and performance vs. set KPIs visually anytime, anywhere.

Identify your problem sites

From this view you can get alarm and warning data for the particular site you are looking at, including how long the site has been in alarm/warning/offline mode and the total time in alarm mode since start-up. It also shows a “worst 10” ranking of sites with the poorest alarm records. From here you can also access any site in alarm to find the details that enables you to solve the issue.

Is diesel being stolen?

These graphs show that on the 15th of April, diesel consumption increased drastically at a time when the generator was not running. The same thing happens about every third week. A strong indication that a regular visitor removes diesel from the site.

Discover a shading problem

This screen shows that PV generation drops significantly around the same time – every day. This indicates a shading problem – so you can go out and cut that tree that has grown to high.

Eltek is not just talking sustainability, we're delivering it. We're outsmarting energy costs and significantly reducing OPEX with our groundbreaking Flatpack2HE 48V 3000W solar charger. Together with our MultiSite Monitor, you're in the driver's seat. Harness the power of the sun and make your telecom sites smarter, more efficient, and eco-friendly. Let's power up the future, together.


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